Five Reasons You Should Own a Green Mountain Pellet Grill

  1. Our Grill is Easy and Automatic. You just turn our industry-leading Temperature Controller on (150°F - 500°F in 5 Degree increments) and away you go.
  2. It's Clean and Simple. You will no longer have to suffer through messy charcoal, lighter fluid, and awkward and dangerous propane tanks.
  3. The Green Mountain Pellet Grill is Beyond Gourmet! This versatile cooker will grill, roast, and smoke at the push of a button. You can grill hamburgers or steaks at high heat, slow roast a prime rib for that savory flavor, or smoke fish or perhaps a turkey for a special occasion.
  4. Our Features are Industry Standard. Our Digital Controller comes standard in every grill alongside a Meat Probe, a Low Pellet Alarm, an Ambient Air Sensor (You will be able to grill in all Temperatures and wind will never be an issue either!), our Fan Only Feature, and a Removable Side Tray.
  5. Bottom Line: The taste of the food speaks for itself!


Green Mountain Grill Standard Features, Non-Expensive Add-ons:

  • Digital Thermostatic Controller
  • Fan Only Feature
  • Caster Wheels
  • 19 lb Hopper
  • Large Diameter Rear Wheels
  • Dome Thermometer, Jim Bowie
  • Stainless Steel Meat Probe, Cooking Grates, and Lid Handle.